b8ta Tokyo-Shinjuku Marui


DATE:2020.10.17 Sat. - 2020.11.5 Thu.

シリコンバレー発の体験型ストア「b8ta Tokyo _ Shinjuku Marui(新宿マルイ本館1階)」のエクスペリエンスルームにて、期間限定出品を行いました。

New Stand Tokyoとb8ta Tokyo、それぞれのアプローチで新しいリテール体験を提供する両店によるコラボレーション。
New Stand Tokyoで扱うアイテムを実際に手に取って、「未来の日用品」を見聞き・体験していただく場となりました。

「リテールを通じて人々に"新たな発見"をもたらす」をミッションとし、RaaS(Retail As a Service = サービスとしての小売)モデルを活用。





b8ta Tokyo-Shinjuku Marui


We launched a limited time exhibition at the experiential retail store: “b8ta Tokyo - Shinjuku Marui (Shinjuku Marui Floor 1, Main building)” , originally from Silicon Valley.
A collaboration between New Stand Tokyo and b8ta Tokyo with its own unique approaches to let the customers find new retail shop experiences.
It was an occasion for the customers to have the products in their hands and experience “daily necessities from the future”.

【About b8ta】
An experimental store founded in San Francisco in 2015.
With a brand mission “providing people new discoveries through retails”, it applied Retail as a Service.
Companies can pay to rent out space for their product to be displayed inside the locations with an easy step, just like uploading online ads.
The company goal is to let consumers find, experience, and purchase the most innovative products from the world. It has opened 24 shops globally and its first retail shops in Asia, in Yurakucho and Shinjuku Marui Main building on August 1st, 2020.


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